We have successfully helped thousands of people from many countries worldwide from infidelity cases through to corporate fraud, whatever the case all are treated with the same professional integrity that they deserve.

When looking for answers we have a variety of methods to achieve the goal, it may not always be the answers you would like as every case is different as no two persons are the same. circumstances can be similar which with our experience helps conclude an investigation in the quickest most cost effective way possible.

We use surveillance, along with undercover work and privileged data sometimes a mixture of all three. Technology in the last few years has helped when using trackers and obtaining real time information. We will review the information you can supply and offer what we feel is the route needed to obtain the answers you seek. You can take our advice or instruct us in whatever way you feel is the direction you would like the investigation to go

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For more information on services please look through our company site or contact us with your requirements, the more information you can give us in your initial enquiry will help us advise you to the best of our ability based on our years of experience within the investigations industry. 

Integrity: At Anox Group we ensure that we act with the highest level of integrity. We take our clients privacy very seriously and ensure that this is respected at all times. In addition to this we endeavor to remain at the forefront of our business and aim to continuously evolve as the world around us does and the clients needs change.

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December 2011

We brought Ron Dennis on board to bring new blood and perspective. He has a wealth of experience within Asia and Europe


We are one of the most reputable established investigation companies in Thailand offering high quality services for over 14 years

May 2001

Anox was first formed as a company in Thailand generally working from referrals of overseas agencies and local print media advertising within Thailand

October 31 2005

Thailand private detective website creation date 

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